7 Riders + 1 Bike = FUN!

Come take a ride with Septacycles... Family Fun Bike Rental, Brewery Tours, Corporate Team Building, Pub crawls, Parades, Events!

About Septacycles

Septacycles provides group bike and brewery rentals and tours on a unique bike build for 7.

The 7 Person Conference Bike
The Conference Bike (CoBi-7) is a bicycle built for seven people, everyone pedals sitting in a circle while one person steers. It makes people smile, laugh, and scratch their heads. 

It’s an attention getter, Ice breaker, conversation piece, laugh factory, cure for the blues, and all around good old fashion fun. 

What’s it for?
  • Family Fun!
  • Brewery Tours 
  • Parties
  • Events
  • Team Building
  • Parades 

Available in  Fort Collins
Located at


Outdoor Sports & Consignment

119 E. Mountain Ave
Fort Collins 

For Reservations or Info Call:
The Gearage
: 970-416-6803

Hourly Rentals/ Brewery Tours/ Community Events

See the Conference Bike in Action
Self Guided and Guide Septacycles Tours

  • Brewery Tours- We offer 3 hour and 5 hour brewery tours. For the 3 hours brewery tour you can choose to ride to any two of our local breweries. The 5 hour brewery tour is an all day affair where you can visit as many of our local breweries as you want at your leisure.  
  • Fort Collins City Tour- Ride through down town old town Fort Collins to City Park. Pack a picnic or we can help arrange a picnic for you. Additional stops can include Colorado State University Campus, Walrus Ice Cream, any of the three down town breweries including Equinox, Coopersmiths, Pateros Creek. The city tours can be book for 1, 2, 3, 4 hour durations.  
Tour guides are available for hire for Fort Collins Brewery and City Tours or you can choose the self guided option. For self guided brewery and city tour you choose a member of your group to drive and navigate the brewery or city tour route.

See Rental Info page for tour and rental rates and info

Need a regular road, mountain, hybrid, or cruiser bike to rent in Fort Collins. 

Contact New World Sports Bike Rentals and Tours

or Call The Gearage at 970-416-6803
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